San Miguel De Allende


San Miguel de Allende is located in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. A magical, peaceful place with a natural flair for ensuring that people live the good life to the utmost; legend has it that San Miguel de Allende is located on a bed of quartz, which attracts those who are predestined to live here. Indeed, it has become home to many people of different nationalities, all seduced by its charm and extraordinary features.

The city was founded in 1542. In fact, time travel is quite real here: just look around and notice all the details of this warm city, walk along its cobblestone streets, gaze at its churches and colonial mansions.
The magic doesn’t end with its architecture! Add to the formula San Miguel de Allende’s exquisite and unique cuisine, top hotels –boasting, of course, the region’s best chefs−, and a broad offering of culture and history, rich in folklore and tradition. Glamour abounds in the city’s many galleries, cultural centers, handcrafts, boutiques and jewelry.


One of Mexico’s World Heritage Cities

Throughout the years, San Miguel de Allende has been awarded a number of nominations and recognitions on behalf of international organizations and specialized tourism magazines. Named “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in 2008, the city embodies the sum of Spanish, criollo (mixed heritage), and indigenous cultural exchange between Europe and Latin America. In addition, Travel + Leisure magazine awarded San Miguel de Allende in 2017 and 2018 the “Best City in the World” and “Best City in Mexico” awards. We can also add mentions by Condé Nast Traveller, Food & Travel, and others to the list.



Guanajuato International Film Festival
This is one of Mexico’s −and indeed the world’s− most renowned cinema festivals. This festival showcases the creativity and talent of Mexican and foreign filmmakers. The GIFF takes place in July, and you can attend national and international cinema showings as well as other events related to the world of cinema.

Cultural Festival

This is the main Baroque music festival, held every year during the month of March.


Every year this festival is held on the weekend closest to September 29, hence it may fall in September or October. The celebration is held in the Main Square, kicked off by the traditional “Arrival of the Stars”, a parade that begins at 2:30 AM. Alborada then begins at 4 AM with the arrival of mariachis and fireworks. The traditional birthday song “Las Mañanitas” is played to honor Archangel Michael.

International Cervantes Festival

San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato
This is the most important international cultural event; it is held in October, and encompasses all artistic genres and expressions.

White Fiesta or Fiesta Blanca

The White Fiesta, or Fiesta Blanca, is held at the Aurora Factory in San Miguel de Allende. Boutiques and galleries inaugurate their exhibits to the sound of live music. This Fiesta is held in early August.

Wine Harvest Fiestas

In the months of August and September, local vineyards in the vicinity of San Miguel de Allende invite gastronomic specialists to visit, and also organize various art and cultural shows. The highlight is the Fiestas de la Vendimia (Wine Harvest Fiestas), featuring tours and wine tastings hosted by connoisseurs.

Jazz and Blues Festivals

Mid−November one of the most important musical festivals of this genre is held. Attendees will be delighted by the concerts and can take part in the Jazz Workshop, which touches on key aspects for good jazz composition.

La Calaca Festival

To celebrate the Day of the Dead, Día de Muertos, the Calaca (Skeleton) Festival kicks off on October 30th. This is an art and culture−filled fiesta focused on honoring indigenous traditions in the state of Guanajuato. Handcrafts markets, workshops, performances, parades and visits to traditional altars and cemeteries.


Food Tour

This is an extraordinary culinary tour carried out on foot, with an approximate duration of three hours. You and your small group will enjoy 5 tastings that have been carefully selected. This is a chance to discover some of the award−winning restaurants in San Miguel de Allende.

Virgin’s Canyon Archaeological Site

On this tour you will learn some local history from your guide, and later be treated to country cooking prepared by the local community.

Chocolate Tasting

A trip through San Miguel de Allende will teach you the history and uses of chocolate in Mexican cuisine while you enjoy delectable local chocolate.

Tour of 2 Vineyards Including Wine Tasting

Visit 2 of San Miguel de Allende’s best vineyards. You will be shown the process for growing and pressing grapes, as well as aging and bottling processes for the different local wines; together with the tour, you can enjoy wine tasting with local cheese and other organic products.

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